Content Creator for Chakra Palace – Paid Gig.

Location: Remote but must be within the USA.

Compensation: Part-time 1099. Paid. Let me know what you think is fair in terms of compensation.

Chakra Palace is a family-owned and operated, premium lifestyle brand.

Our main site caters to the mindful people that love healing crystals, sage, incense and improving themselves.

We’re looking for a driven and self-motivated content creator to join us.

The objective is to create content that helps people learn more about our products and guides them towards making the right purchasing decisions.

In this role, you will be initially be involved in all creating blog and social media content, product inserts, booklets and potentially creating scripts for training videos.

Job Skills – Essential

Solid writing and editing skills – including MS Word – bonus points if you know some HTML formatting.

You will need a thorough knowledge of healing crystals, smudging, chakra balancing and other topics related to metaphysics.

If you know about other and similar topics, then that would be a bonus, and will help us expand the items we offer.

An eye and attention to details – for example knowing the difference between “advice” and “advise” or, “amethyst tumbles” and “amethyst clusters”.

A way of taking a concept idea and developing it into a complete concept plan and deliverable that we can develop into products and training.

An ability to bring the topic of healing crystals to life and an engaging and interesting way!

Job Skills – Desirable

Amazing bonus points if you can,

  • take beautiful digital photographs and edit them
  • handle customer service without losing your mind and stay calm.

So, what now?

Reach out to us with this contact form and be sure to add the word “Content Creator” somewhere in the form so I can filter the replies. I will ask to see some original work you have written or created to determine if this is a “fit”.

Note that this is a “work for hire” gig. This means, if we pay you for submitted work then we own the exclusive copyright to it.

The successful applicant will be required to complete a straightforward confidentiality agreement and a freelancer contract.