Chakra Palace’s FAQ

1. Do you ship daily?

Yes, we are still up & running safely! Chakra Palace continues to serve our customers during 2021.
  • We pack and ship the orders ourselves everyday. No outsiders!
  • Orders over $35 qualify for free shipping.
  • Orders under $35 ship for a flat rate of $7.95 nation-wide.
  • We pack and ship every order from our own warehouse within 1 business day or less to reduce the travel time.
  • ESTIMATED DELIVERY TIMES ARE 2-5 BUSINESS (depending on your location) DAYS ON AVERAGE with flat rate shipping which is typical of Standard shipping.
  • Expedited which we also offer is about 2-4 days on average. We are using UPS for Expedited orders. Please note that the UPS pickup day does not count towards the “travel business days”.
  • All packages ship with tracking. We automatically email you the tracking number.
We are unable to offer 2-day shipping guarantees from any major shipping companies as they have all ceased offering performance guarantees.  

2. My sage/Palo Santo won’t stay lit! What do I do?


All of our sage is hand wrapped. So sometimes it is wrapped too tightly and air cannot circulate within the leaves. Simply pull apart the leaves a bit to allow airflow and you are good to go!

Now Palo Santo is different. It is common for it to need relighting. Hold the Palo Santo wood stick over the flame for 30 seconds or so to make sure it has really caught fire. Let the tip of the wood burn for a few more seconds before blowing out. Even with doing all of that, Palo usually needs to be lit again.

Make sure you are being careful when using open flames and store your sage or Palo in a dry environment. Damp or wet products will not burn.

3. I accidentally broke my crystal. Will it still work?


Absolutely yes! Crystals are a natural product and they will most always have some inclusions, patterns, or unique bits to them. No 2 are exactly alike. Think of them as people! We are all different. If you accidentally crack or break your crystal, while not visually appealing, they are okay. They are still vibrating with their energies. The things you can do with cracked crystals are endless. You can: place inside a crystal cage and wear it, place it cracked side down into the base of a plant, or decorate items with it.

 4. Can I have more information about your sage? 

Sure thing! Our white sage is grown in Southern California. As a native species, they are naturally resistant to most diseases. No chemicals are used to grow our sage. Our pieces of sage are not wrapped in plastic. They hand wrapped in 100% cotton thread. We are very picky about which pieces go into our kits. So you will receive the best we have to offer! Always! Our sage and kits will also come with our custom Chakra Palace instructions so its good even for beginners.

5. I am new to all of this. How do I get started?

I have created a special blog post just for this topic in which you can find HERE

Also another post about smudging HERE

If you do not see what you are looking for, please contact us.