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Smudge Kit for Beginners – 4 Pieces – Perfect for bringing in positive energy and banishing the negative – Abalone Shell, 4″ White California Sage Stick, Wooden Stand, & Instructions


Sold out!



  • 4-5″ Abalone Shell
  • Wooden Holder Stand
  • One 4″ White California Sage Stick
  • Easy to follow Chakra Palace Instructions + Blessings
  • Warm & Friendly Contact Information Included

Let’s get into the details:

White California Sage

Sustainably harvested and carefully collected. Natural, hand wrapped in 100% cotton thread. Known for driving out negativity, and spiritually cleansing you & your space.

What is the purpose of Smudging?

Our home cleansing kit is just what you need to clear your home or workplace of negative energy/vibes. All kits have been smudged and cleansed before shipping so it will arrive to you positively charged.  Products are all-natural. If you are new to smudging, no worries! This kit comes with full instructions on how to use everything.

Cleansing is a wonderful thing to do when moving into a new home, after an argument, after illness, if you suspect a haunting, or just to revitalize your space. Also makes a great housewarming gift.

This kit will help you cleanse and protect your environment. You can also cleanse yourself, loved ones, pets, crystals, or sacred spaces in your home.

Makes a Great Gift!

  • housewarming gift
  • holidays
  • birthdays
  • and just because!

Shop with confidence knowing you are:

  • Helping families all over the world.
  • Receiving Warm & Friendly Guidance to help with your kit.
  • Giving yourself or a loved one a gift of peace and positivity.
  • We ship from the USA. 


      About Us:

      At Chakra Palace, we are committed to providing you sustainably sourced, healthy, and natural ways of bringing conscious growth, meditation, healing, and cleansing into your life.
      We want to guide you step-by-step through your spiritual journey and help you achieve your goals.
      Each of our kits is Individually sorted, graded, positively charged and packed in the USA with love and care.



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      • As these included items are natural products there may be slight variability in the sizing, shape, and colors of the items. We strive to source and assemble the highest quality products to delight our customers.
      • These shells have been polished and treated on the inside so they vary in appearance. You might encounter some black marks on the inside. This is not a used shell, that is simply part of the polishing process.

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