How to Charge and Cleanse Your Crystals

Charging and cleansing your crystals is an important part of using them to the fullest extent of their power.

How to Charge and Cleanse Your Crystals
Charging and cleansing your crystals is an important part of using them to the fullest extent of their power. A charged crystal can perform much better than one that is uncharged and full of “junk”. Crystals can pick up energies so it is best to give them a good cleansing and charging to refresh them. Especially if it is a piece of jewelry you wear.
How to Cleanse Your Crystals:
1. Running Water: You may use water from your sink or bathtub. Or from a creek, waterfall, or the ocean if you would like to go the more natural route. Simply hold the crystal under the water for a minute or so per crystal and imagine all the negative energy leaving the stone. Warning! This is only to be done for hard crystals. Soft crystals such as selenite, calcite, opal, onyx, agate, and amber should not be cleansed with water. They are porous and the water may damage or discolor them. Please research if your crystal is soft before using the water technique.
2. Sage/Palo Santo/Smudging: This is an extremely common way to cleanse your crystals. Sage and other smudging tools are helpful at removing negative energies from crystals by restoring its natural energetic state. Simply light your smudging tool of your choice, careful with the flames, and waft the smoke over the crystals. This can be done to individual crystals or a group of them. I like to say something along the lines of, “I am smudging these crystals so they may be rid of any negativity so they can serve to their highest good.
3. Use other crystals: There are a few crystals that have the energy and power to actually clean away bad juju from other crystals. They are Citrine, Carnelian, and Clear Quartz. Simply place one of these crystals with a group or with an individual crystal you would like to clear. You can do this overnight or as short as 10 minutes. The longer the better the cleanse, in my opinion.
4. Sound: There are certain frequencies in the universe that is said to help clear out a room, your mind, and even your crystals! These frequencies are said to resonate with our bodies and minds. This helps with cleansing and balancing at a cellular level. Crystals also have a cellular level of energy! You can use singing bowls, bells, chimes, humming, or look for sound healing soundtracks.
How to Charge Your Crystals
Charging your crystals is also important. This helps them connect with their natural element which is nature and will rev them up. It is best to cleanse them first before recharging.
1. Full Moon: This is probably the most common one people think of since it is the most powerful of all lunar phases. Laying your crystals under the light of a full moon will charge your crystals with the universe’s energy. This lunar cycle is best for the release of anything in your life that no longer suits you. They may be laid outside, if you feel no one will take them and its safe. You may also lay them on window sills, porches, or anywhere you feel the crystals can absorb the energy. If it is a cloudy night, no worries! It will still charge them. Be sure to collect them in the morning.
2. New Moon: The new moon is when the moon cannot be seen. This is considered a moon of growth. This is a good time to charge your crystals if you are working on something in your life and you are looking to grow. Place your crystals anywhere you would like as listed under the full moon instructions. Remember to collect in the morning.

3. Sunlight: The counterpart to moonlight is a strong, powerful, and vibrant energy of the sun. This energy helps move you forward and gives you strength. You can place them in direct sunlight or for more sensitive stones, in the shade could work. Be sure to collect them at the end of the day. But be careful, some crystals such as amethyst, citrine, sapphires, and rose quartz are just some examples of stones that can fade in the sun.

4. In the Earth: You can bury your crystals in a nice earthy patch for charging as well. Two ways are directly into the earth or in a box or pouch. If you feel the stone has been through hell and back and the energy is quite heavy, it may need more time in the ground. You can do this for any amount of time. A day, a week, a month, and so on. Just be sure to mark where you placed our crystals for easy retrieval later.
5. Eclipses: Not as common since eclipses do not happen every day. However, these are powerful times full of energy for charging your crystals. The energies that eclipses give off are ones of major change and transformation. Place your crystals anywhere you can when the eclipse is happening for them to absorb this powerful energy.
We hope this has been helpful to make sure you are getting the most out of your crystals!
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