How To Smudge Your Home – Bring The Ancient Art Of Sage Cleansing To You

This is a short tutorial on how to use sage to purify your home using Smudging.

General Smudging Info & History:

Sage is a plant that’s native to North America. It’s been used by indigenous peoples for a very long time. They use it to purify their spiritual, mental and emotional being.

Various cultures from all over the world use smudging ceremonies in various ways. They even use different supplies to smudge. Blue sage, black sage, Yerba Santa, cedar, lemongrass, Palo Santo, incense, etc. Its endless!

In fact, there are over 900 different varieties of sage alone. 

One type is the sage that’s used for cooking and also for medicinal teas that is salvia officinalis. This is not the one we sell or that we’re going to use for smudging. 

White sage or Salvia apiana is the one you burn for smudging. This is the sage we have at Chakra Palace Harvested and dried to perfection!

Getting Ready to Smudge:

You’ll need a lighter, a candle, and you’ll also need a heatproof bowl or Abalone shell and, of course, your sage bundle. You can also use crystals to enhance your ceremony. 

  • Open a window to allow for the negative energy to move out and the positive energy from nature to come in. 
  • If you do not have an shell to catch the ashes, use a heat proof dish. 
  • Light the sage and let it burn for a moment.
  • Let the flame go out and get a flow of smoke build up around you. 
  • Move the sage bundle around your body, over you head, and visualize.
  • Visualize negative energy accumulated on your body moving out, replaced by positive energy.

Say something along the lines of: 

Please remove all negative energies. I ask that only those things that are positive and in my highest good those energies remain or in my in my spirit field.

Say whatever feels great, whatever feels good to you. Whatever makes you feel powerful. 

  • Move all the smoke around your body so that you feel like you’ve washed your body.

  • Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and of go into the space of renewal.
  • When you feel ready, take the smoke around the house.
  • Use your hand or a feather to move the smoke towards each corner of the room.
  • Waft it from the ceilings to the floor the floor. Allow it to “wash” over your entire home 
  • Start at the front door and work your way through the house.
  • Then return to the front door, open it and clear that last little bit.
  • Some people like to say prayers as they return to the front door. 
  • Some people like to do the sign of the Cross or some people like to draw a pentagram in the air to aid their cleanse. If you practice Reiki and you want to use Reiki symbols. All these things are great! Use that which feels powerful to you.
  • Concentrate on those areas that don’t get a lot of sunlight. Places where dark negative energy accumulates. Good cleansing often requires you to smudge in closets and underneath the bed.
  • A simple ceremony you can is around five minutes.
  • Extinguish the sage on your heatproof surface in the same manner as a cigarette. 

Examples of good times to smudge are:

  • After an argument
  • After an illness
  • To rid the space or yourself of negative vibes/energy
  • If you suspect a haunting
  • Moving into a new home

If this is your first time smudging, congratulations for trying something new. It will awake something spiritual inside you.

Peace, blessings, & namaste to you.

– Marissa at Chakra Palace

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