Beginning Your Spiritual Journey

Beginning a spiritual journey is a very personal and special event in one's life. It is the moment where we decide to take control of our lives and better ourselves. My spiritual journey began as a young adult. I was strong in my religious beliefs but wanted to do more to expand my mind and soul. Thus I began researching different ways to pray, meditate, and broaden my mind.

I will say that it was one of the best things I have ever done. First, I learned that there are so many different ways of doing things. Each of us needs to discover what works best. It is all very personal. It is critical to take time for yourself regardless of how busy life can get. Taking time for yourself can be anything you enjoy. Reading, watching a movie, photography, playing games, exercising, journaling, shopping, or taking a soothing candle lit bubble bath. 

Whether your friends or loved ones understand your journey or not is irrelevant. While it is easier and helpful for them to be involved and supportive, you need to discover what works for you. Your life will start to change for the better & they will see the transformation in front of their eyes. They will hopefully finally understand the importance of your spiritual journey and all the work you have been putting in.


I learned about different types of meditation. They are not all sitting on the floor, eyes closed with a blank mind. There is progressive relaxation, visualization, mindfulness, breath awareness, Transcendental, and many more. Each serves a different purpose and requires various techniques and levels of concentration.

And crystals!!! Oh my goodness, crystals! What a magical collection I have gathered over the years! I now know about crystals, minerals, and natural items put on this earth that can help us along our journey. Many of those things that I use, I sell today. Like so many others in this field, I wanted to share the wealth of knowledge. I understand that my prayer and spirituality can be heightened by using these tools given to us.

I wanted to share my knowledge with others and so Chakra Palace was born. We will be providing education, blogs, offerings, and unique items for special events over the year. We hope you will participate and allow us to be a part of your journey. Thank you for your time. Take a look around and enjoy!

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below or contact us directly!


Marissa - Chakra Palace


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  • Marissa on

    I would suggest the large smudge kit or one of the chakra crystal smudge kits. They will have the basics needed to begin! I am excited for you! Good luck and many blessings.
    Marissa – Chakra Palace

  • Marta Latimer on

    I would like to start my spiritual journey and I would like to buy all the items I would need. Can you recommend something to start and learn with

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