Cleansing crystals with Palo Santo

An easy way to cleanse your crystals with Palo Santo and what to say while doing it.

Palo Santo Wood stick is used to cleanse crystal negativity, similar to sage.

It is considered “Holy Wood.”

Peruvians harvest fallen branches & twigs and are regulated by the government of Peru, so trees are not cut down for wood harvesting. 100% sustainable, wildcrafted, and natural.

It has a sweet smell, similar to cinnamon or spices, and you can find them in 3-inch sizes or longer HERE.

Lighting your Palo Santo wood

Like the instructions for the sage bundle, light the tip of the wood until you have a flame. Once it is burning, blow out the flame, creating smoke. Depending on how long you use this stick, it should last you a while.

1. As usual, begin by following the directions for lighting your Palo Santo wood.
2. Sit in a quiet place where you will not be interrupted.
3. Hold the crystal and then waft the smoke around the crystal to coat the layer of negativity of grief.
4. Take the smudge stick of your choice with the abalone shell and continue to waft the smoke over yourself, and say the following with intention:

“I call upon the Universe and God to help me bless this crystal. Please allow this smoke to remove all negativity from this crystal.”

5. Use this time to meditate on the properties of this crystal.
6. When finished, extinguish the Palo Santo you have used to perform the cleansing.

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