Smudging for Beginners - The Step By Step Essential Guide

Smudging for Beginners Described 

Smudging traditionally has been part of Native America culture for a very long time. You can find the burning of herbs and prayers in many religions and cultures beyond North America. 

It is readily accepted amongst spiritual people that it provides an amazing beneficial way of purifying the brain, body & soul.  

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Smudging Benefits 

It is believed to remove undesirable negative energies and elements like bad spirits. Most conventional societies have varieties of purifying customs, and a considerable lot of these include the burning of spices. 

Purifying with smudging creates a special moment in time and can be used to bless a new home, cast aside bad feeling after arguments or just to rejuvenate your space. As such, it makes an extraordinary housewarming gift. 

Types of Smudge Sticks 

These are the four most common smudging herb sticks used and a chosen for their spiritual properties. 

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  • White Sage Smudge. 
  • Yerba Santa Smudge. 
  • Cedar Smudge. 
  • Palo Santo Smudge. 

Sage has the strongest smell of list and you might find you prefer palo santo for its mild smell. 

Smudging for beginner steps.  

Smearing functions and ceremonies can be acted in various ways. There is no one absolute way to perform smudging but you can adapt these steps to fit your style.  

Begin by following the directions for lighting your Sage or Palo Santo wood.  

Smudge yourself by wafting the smoke around you. This is to cleanse yourself so you may be clear of negativity which will help with the clearing of the rest of your home. If you are using this to cleanse after an argument, it would be best to smudge the other person as well.  

Smudge the items you will be using so they are cleared. (Items have been previously smudged before shipment, but it never hurts to do it again.)

Take the smudge stick of your choice with the Abalone shell and begin by walking to each room of your home and say the following with intention:

"I call upon the Universe and God to cleanse this room/home of any negative energies or entities. That all that will remain here is positivity, love, light, health, and happiness. May the cleansing power of this smoke drive away all negativity and protect us. May peace be here."

While saying this, waft the smoke around the room. It is best for you to make sure the smoke reaches the 4 corners of the room you are in. Move on to the next room and repeat.

When all rooms are done, stand quietly for a moment and mentally set your intention.

Blow out any candles you may have lit & make sure your smudge stick is extinguished. While doing this, thank God or the Universe for their help.

If moving onto shielding your home for further protection, you may leave the smudge stick smoking and move onto the next blessing.

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