How to Tell if your Crystal is Real or Fake and How to Buy Real Crystals

Worry over real vs. fake crystals is a legitimate concern. We want what we pay for and we want that item to provide the energy it claims to have. I collect crystals myself so I completely understand. 

So we are here to ease your mind and explain ways you can tell if you have a fake or real crystal on your hands.

3 Easy ways to tell if a crystal is fake:

  • Unnatural colors or patterns that are perfectly symmetrical. If its too perfect, then it was probably made in a factory and is man made. Now, that is not to say that there is not some high quality crystals out there that are in really nice shape. And those crystals would be extremely expensive. However, crystals tend to have inclusions, random patterns, sometimes textures, chips, and random shapes. In other words, no two are exactly alike and they are not perfect.
  • Looks like glass. If a crystal is too perfect and crystal clear, there is a chance it is glass. Glass will also contain little bubbles inside. Main example of this is the inside of marbles. Most real crystals will have inclusions like you see in the clear quartz picture below. 
  • It appears dyed. Mother Nature has given us some beautiful and colorful crystals. However, some of them out there on the market are fake. If a tumble stone is dyed, you will see the color settling within the cracks of the stone. Colors that are too bright like this hot pink geode, indicates a dye job. Unnatural colors can be a giveaway. Natural geodes tend to be like the one on the right. Now, natural geodes can come in colors as well. Blues, purples, etc. but they are not neon and too saturated.

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