How Do I Meditate?

How do I meditate? When can I meditate? What are the types of meditation? What do I need to meditate? Will meditating conflict with my religion? All these answers and more await…

Meditating can be very intimidating for some people. If you are in this category,  you are certainly not alone! It is actually pretty easy once you figure out what works for YOU. First, let’s break down the different types of meditation. That way, regardless of what you have seen and heard about meditation, you can pick the one you personally feel would resonate with you. You will not be overwhelmed if you just pick one technique at a time. Its better to not feel like you have to accomplish all of this at once.

Different types of mediation:

  • Guided – This involves someone speaking softly to you telling you what you should envision and like it says, guides you along through the session. These are good for those who are new to meditation and have no idea what to do. There are plenty on YouTube you can use or ones to purchase on all app platforms. Some are even free! Even though I have navigated my way through the meditation world, I still enjoy these.
  • Unguided AKA Silent Meditation – This is when you take the wheel alone. You can use the skills you have read up on or learned to guide yourself through the session. This is sometimes difficult for people because random thoughts will come into your head while you are trying to keep yourself peaceful. This leads into another style…
  • Noting Meditation – This style is where you acknowledge, or “note”, the thoughts that are trying to distract you. You acknowledge them and then gently push them from the mind. Focusing on your breathing is a wonderful way to stay in the moment of what you are doing and bring yourself back.
  • Focused Meditation – This one is perfect if you want to focus on a particular issue or area of your life you want to improve. This is also a wonderful meditation for using your crystals in conjuncture with your mind. Manifesting and solving problems can be enhanced when using a crystal that corresponds with what you are dealing with. See our crystal page for more info on what crystals do what.
  • Visualization Meditation – This is another one that would work well with crystals. You can use the crystals, either by holding them or placing them in front of you, to assist you with the visualization of what you would like to see come to pass in your life.
  • Reflection Meditation – This one involves asking yourself a question. For example “What am I thankful for today?” This will encourage your mind to put out positive and loving thoughts into the universe. Focus on the feelings that come to mind, not the thoughts themselves. FEELING is the goal of this one.

No matter which one you choose, here is the simplest way to meditate:

  1. Pick a place & time. Out in nature, somewhere in your home, or a special place to you. You can, of course, mediate anywhere that is convenient. Your car or even a bathroom stall at work/school because someone pressed your buttons and you need a time out. (We have all been there!) But its optimal to pick a peaceful place you will be calm and uninterrupted. If you have children, a spouse, or a roommate that can be challenging. So maybe after they go to bed for the night, before they get up in the morning, or in the shower if you have to. The timing depends on you. For beginners, its best to do short sessions as you get used to it.
  2. Gather your supplies. If you aren’t hiding out in the bathroom stall at work taking a time out and you are at home, then this is the time to gather your supplies. Candles, soft music, comfy clothing, incense or sage, and your crystals if you would like to use them. Safely set everything up, meaning you won’t accidentally knock over your incense or candles during the session, and get comfortable.
  3. Pick your technique. Use the list above to choose which type of meditation you would like to do for that day. As I mentioned before, if you are new, its probably best to choose a guided meditation so you can get a feel for it. However, it is completely up to you if you want to jump right in on your own. Then you are ready to go!

FAQ’s about Meditation:

  1. What if I loose my train of thought or get interrupted? Well, depending on who interrupts you, you can just explain you need a bit of “me time” and you will let them know when you are done. This will not always work depending on who you are talking to but hopefully they will respect what you are doing. To get back on track, refocus on your breathing. Deep breaths in and out. Get into a rhythm and soon you will be back in the zone.
  2. Do I have to have music, candles, etc? Absolutely not. They are just enjoyable to a lot of people. It kind of makes it a ceremony that you are doing for yourself. However, if you do not have all those things, no worries! You absolutely can do this without anything!
  3. Will my religious beliefs conflict with meditating? In all my research, I have yet to come across a religion that would frown on meditation. Meditation itself is not religious. Movies will sometimes make us think only certain religions do it, like Buddhists, but this is simply not true. For example, if you are a Christian, sitting still and praying quietly could even be considered a long the lines of meditation. Meditation is not hurting anyone & is a peaceful act. It could even be considered loving since you are trying to improve yourself so you will be the best person you can be for yourself and loved ones.
  4. How long should I meditate for? That is 100% up to you. Sometimes you will want a short session, other times you will want it to go on forever because you will feel so peaceful. It all depends on your schedule and lifestyle. I try to fit in at least 10 minutes a day of meditation regardless which style I am using. If I can do longer, I will. But some days are just too busy here at Chakra Palace and I do not have the time. And that is okay! Also, you do not have to meditate every single day. Maybe you only have time on the weekends. Do it then.
  5. Do I have to sit still to meditate? Actually NO! Yoga can be used as a form of meditation. Also, taking a long, peaceful walk or even a bath can be used as a time to meditate. As long as you are able to be calm and peaceful, that is the goal.
  6. Can I meditate with other people? Yes. There are plenty of places where people gather for group meditation. Check it out in your area. However, keep in mind that until you are good at it, it can be a bit distracting with other people around. Someone coughing, sneezing, shifting around, etc. could pull you out of your zone repeatedly. It is all about personal preference at that point.
  7. Do I have to sit on the floor? No. In fact, I personally do not like to. I guess it depends on your lifestyle and age. Some people like sitting on the floor for grounding purposes. While I understand that, my lower back will begin to hurt after a while. I like to sit on a stool or in a chair with my feet on the ground and sitting up straight. Putting your feet on the ground will also ground you. You can also lay down to meditate but be careful you do not simply just fall asleep.

If you have any other questions I may not have touched on, please feel free to contact us! I hope you are able to embrace meditation into your life and come away with a clearer head and overall calm in your life.


Marissa – Chakra Palace

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